How to Get Rid of Diabetes?

Q: How to get rid of diabetes?



There is no way to get rid of diabetes. Even though there are many research on diabetes and progresses are made in its treatment, there is no cure for neither type 1 nor type 2 diabetes. However, type 2 diabetes may go into remission through your lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and regular exercising.

Your blood sugar levels are easily affected by emotional stress so it’s very important for you to keep calm and learn to relax when under too much pressure. Here are some natural therapies that may help you with that.

1)    progressive muscle relaxation (PMR)

2)    deep belly breathing

3)    biofeedback

4)    guided imagery

Also, supplements can’t cure diabetes. There are some supplements that may improve your diabetes but there are also some supplements that may even do harm to your body because of its dangerous interaction with the diabetes medications you take, so do not take any supplements without your doctor’s approval.



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