How to Lower High Blood Pressure Safely and Naturally?

Q: What can I do to lower high blood pressure safely and naturally? I don’t want to take medication because it will last a lifetime.

A: There a variety of ways to lower high blood pressure without medication. Food remedy or lifestyle change can both help. In order to lower high blood pressure, you have to change your unhealthy life habits, such as always staying up late and tobacco. You have to make changes in your daily eating diet. Whole grains, vegetable and fruits are helpful to lower high blood pressure. The two key points are low-salt and low-fat. In addition to food remedy, lifestyle plays an essential role in it. Going to bed early and taking enough rest can make you relax, thus enabling you to feel more comfortable.

A: Food remedy is a good way to lower high blood pressure safely and naturally. I support people to lower their blood pressure without medication because most of them have to start to rely on the medicine for the rest of life. If you can lower high blood pressure to a normal level and ensure that it will never exceed the normal range anymore, there is no need for you to take medicine. Among all the green food or healthy food, garlic, fish oil, hibiscus, chocolate and cocoa extract and vitamin D are perfect food remedy. If you are just prehypertensive, those natural ingredients can help you get rid of it.

A: Absolutely, natural food remedy is a great option. Besides it, lifestyle changes are important. Remember to increase your activity level and exercise more. There are many exercise combinations that can lower blood pressure, which are aerobic pressure, resistance training, high intensity interval training, short bouts of exercise over the day, or walking 10,000 steps a day. Yoga is kind of exercise benefiting you the most. Yoga can help you relax and strengthen your vessels as well. What’s more, no matter for your health or just to lower blood pressure, lose weight if you are overweight. After all, obesity is kind of potential killer because it is the causes of many cardiovascular diseases. What matters is that you should quit smoking and drinking.



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