How to Make Recipes Diabetes Friendly?


How to make recipes diabetes friendly?


Here are two main principles that can help you to make your dinner recipes diabetes-friendly.

Lower the Carbs

  1. Eat low-carb vegetable, such as leafy greens, instead of high-carb vegetables like potatoes.
  2. Replace wheat flour with coconut or almond flour.
  3. Reduce sugar in your meals by half.
  4. Replace canned or frozen food with fresh ingredients.

Concentrate on Protein, Fat and Fiber

Both protein and fiber can slow down carbohydrate digestion, thus stabilizing the glucose levels. The best sources of protein are milk, yogurt, meats and nuts, while that of fiber are vegetables.

Healthy sources of fat can also be used in your meals because it can restrain hunger.

You’d better ask your doctor for specific meal plans.


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