How to Maximize My Diabetes Diet Treatment?

My blood sugar is rather steadier now,6.0 mmol/L. My doctor said a balanced diet would be a plus for a better management. How to control the diabetes diet in the best way? Which foods are good for diabetes? How to arrange sugar in my diabetes diet plan?


Congrats! Your blood sugar level is good. Your doctor is right, in your condition, controlling diabetes diet well is really a helper. There are lots of tips in a balanced diabetes diet meal plan.

Types. Your diabetes food list should contain various foods, such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, and lean protein.

Calories. The best diet for the diabetes must be well calculated according to your age, gender, weight and activity level.

Times. Don’t skip meals. According to the American diabetes association, diabetic diet that comes in 4-6 times every day regularly is recommended.

Sugar. Eat it or not should refer to your blood sugar levels. I think you can eat in a small amount on a carb limitation basis.

Diets. DASH Diet and Mediterranean Diet is highly worth a try. If you have high cholesterol,TLC (therapeutic lifestyle changes) plan may help you.



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