How to Obtain the Right Diabetes Insurance in UK?

I want to buy some insurances for my parents. Which are recommended ?

It depends. You can take the following 5 types of insurances as references.

Travel insurance
Make sure diabetes are included because most travel insurance policies exclude pre-existing medical conditions.

Motor insurance
When applying for this type of insurance, diabetes should be one of a material fact that you need to declare first.

Insurance/assurance for loans and life
This kind of insurance needs careful consideration. Make sure it is available for people living with diabetes, and get a well understanding of the relation between insurance and mortgage.

Private medical health insurance
This is a little bit expensive. Generally, cost of diabetes and its complications will be excluded. So the value of this insurance for the diabetes is relatively limited.

Hospital cash insurance
This is a really bargain for certain hospital and outpatient treatment. If you are considering such a policy, fully check what treatment it will cover.

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