How to Prepare for My Pregnancy Diabetes Test?


I have to take a pregnancy diabetes test next Monday. Do I need to prepare something?


Actually, you don’t have to prepare too much about the test.
In general, many doctors will use a two-step approach to test the pregnancy diabetes test, the glucose challenge test and a glucose tolerance test.

Step 1. Glucose challenge test

During the first test, you can eat and drink normally before. Then your doctor will
give you a syrupy solution. You will take a blood test one hour later. If your blood sugar is high, you will need the step 2.

Step 2. Glucose tolerance test

This test needs to fast overnight, which measures your body’s response to glucose. Firstly, you need to drink an 8-ounce glass of glucose solution.  Then, you have to wait for almost three hours because your doctor will measure your glucose levels once per hour.

If the results show high blood sugar, you need to test it again in four weeks. If the result remains the same, you may be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.


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