How to Prevent Bladder Cancer?

Q: My father suffered a lot from bladder cancer before he passed away. I heard that family history is a risk factor of the cancer. What can I do to prevent it?


1.    Develop good habits. Quit smoking and control your intake of alcohol. The World Health Organization claims that if all the people in the world no longer smoke, the number of patients with cancer will be reduced by 1/3. Both cigarettes and alcohol are acids which create a perfect environment for cells to turn cancerous.

2.    Do not eat too much salty and spicy food. Nor should you have food that is too hot, too cold, or has been expired; Seniors and people in poor physical condition should eat some anti-cancer and alkaline foods to stay healthy.

3.    Stress is a cause of cancer. You should have a good attitude towards pressure. Do not make yourself exhausted, for stress follows fatigue.

4.    Do exercise often. Take part in physical activities in the sun to make yourself sweat. Acids that are friendly to cancerous cells in your body will be expelled with perspiration.

5.    Have a healthy lifestyle. Do not stay up late. The quality of sleep is very important.

6.    A new study found that nuts and olive oil which are rich in vitamin E can reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Researchers mainly studied on the two most common types of vitamin E, α-vitamin E and γ-vitamin E. The result showed that the effect of α-vitamin E is better. Foods contain this type of vitamin E include almonds, spinach, mustard, pepper, sunflower seeds, and vegetable oil such as olive oil, cottonseed oil and rapeseed oil. The effect of vitamin E intake through supplements is the same.

7.    Drink water. In a research published by the Harvard University, the conclusion that 6-10 cups of water every reduce the danger of bladder cancer is drawn. The research which was on process for more than 10 years involves 47909 men. Researchers say that the risk can be reduced by 50% if you drink enough water.



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