How to Prevent Poison Ivy Rash?

How to Prevent Poison Ivy Rash?

The poison ivy and its sap oils are the cause of poison ivy rash. It is important for people who are at risk of having contact with the plants to take preventions. Here are some helpful tips:

Avoid the plants

Learn how to identify poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac in all seasons. The pictures below will help you to identify.

Poison Ivy leaves

When hiking or engaging in other activities that might expose you to these plants, try to stay on cleared pathways. Keep pets from running through wooded areas so their fur will not be contaminated.

Wear protective clothing

If needed, protect your skin by wearing boots, pants, gloves and long sleeves.

Apply a barrier cream

Try over-the-counter skin products to protect your skin from the oily resin that causes poison ivy rash.

Remove or kill the plants

You can apply an herbicide or just pull them out of the ground. Afterwards remove the gloves, and thoroughly wash the gloves and your hands. Moreover, don’t burn poison ivy or related plants, because the smoke also carries the toxic oil.

Wash your skin or your pet’s fur

Within 30 minutes after exposure, use soap and water to gently wash off the harmful resin from your skin.

Clean contaminated objects

If you think you’ve been exposed to poison ivy, wash your clothing promptly with detergent — ideally in a washing machine.


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