How to Take Care of a Dog with Heart Disease?

Q: My dog has been diagnosed with heart disease. What should I do to take care of him?

A: At first, you should know the overall condition of your dog. Take him to an animal hospital to have a comprehensive medical check-up. At least check the function of his kidney and liver and his blood sugar level to see if he has developed any complications. ECG and cardiac ultrasound in a large hospital will offer you a more detailed explanation of the situation. If surgery is not necessary, usually the dog needs to take medicines. You can mix these drugs with his food, or he won’t be willing to swallow them.

In order to relieve your dog from heart failure, you must make long-term contact with the veterinarian who can change the medication according to his physical condition. In addition, protect him from intensive activities and overwhelming emotions. Walking is necessary exercise, but don’t go out to take a walk when there are many dogs and people outside. Both malnutrition and overweight make his disease worse, so you should pay attention to his diet and have him weighed every two weeks.


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