How to Treat Abdominal Pain Without Drugs?

In general, the best treatment for long-term healing of abdominal pain is to have a healthy, protective balance of microbes in your gut. This means you need lots of good, protective bacteria and minimal yeast, fungus and bad bacteria.

For the short-term natural ones come in handy, the following remedies really deserve your trying.

Hot Castor Oil Pack. A hot castor oil pack is very effective at relaxing cramping or spasming muscles anywhere on the body. The oil is also absorbed into the lymphatic circulation to provide a soothing, cleansing and nourishing treatment, which stimulates immune function and tones internal organs.

Hot Magnesium Bath. Magnesium is nature’s muscle relaxant. It plays an important role in the production and transfer of energy, in muscle contraction and relaxation and in nerve conduction. However, if you take magnesium orally, it will irritate your colon and act as a laxative. If you’re getting abdominal pain and cramping because of trapped gas (gas pains) then you may benefit from using magnesium citrate to stimulate your peristalsis and cause a bowel movment. Drink one serving of Natural Calm before bed and then perform this colonic massage either in bed or on the toilet.

Herbal Muscle Relaxants. The two best herbal muscle relaxants are cramp bark and black haw. Black haw is the stronger, but they both work well, so use whichever one is easiest to obtain. These herbs will relax cramping in all smooth muscles – the rectum, uterus, intestines, lungs, etc. They even relax blood vessels and so are used for hypertension and also for asthma.

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