How to Treat Adenocarcinoma?

Q: I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in my regular medical check-up last week. Is it serious? What are the types of treatment for it?

A: Adenocarcinoma is not a common cancer. Instead, it is an uncommon malignancy in the bladder. Primarily, you are found have it in the urinary bladder. Secondarily it can be found in many other organs.

There are several types of treatment from which you can choose.


As there is a malignant tumor in the ill organ (usually in the bladder), the first treatment you will receive is a surgery in which the doctor removes the tumor and nearby tissues.


Chemotherapy is a common method to treat cancers. Medications can kill cancer cells and slow their growth.


You must have heard of X-rays. Other types of high-energy rays can also be applied in radiation to kill the cancer cells in your body.

You are not confined to picking only one of the above types of treatment. To enhance the effect, the doctor may recommend you to take a combination of two or even three of them. The final treatment plan depends on the stage of your adenocarcinoma. During the cancer treatment, you may suffer the side effects. Hold a positive attitude and talk to your families and friends to have their support.



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