How to Treat Advanced Bladder Cancer?

Q: My father is a patient with bladder cancer and he is now in his advanced stage. What type of treatment he might have?

A: For people with advanced treatment that is advanced, there are some treatments which can slow down the cancer, reduce the symptoms and sometimes help them live longer.


The doctor may suggest the patient to remove the tumor from the bladder to stop any bleeding and slow down the cancer. The patient can receive a surgery to remove part of the bladder, or all of it (radical cystectomy).


Chemotherapy can control the advanced bladder cancer. Before the surgery, the doctor sometimes use chemotherapy to shrink the tumor so that the removal will be easier. It can also be used after the surgery to destroy any remaining cancer cells.


If the advanced bladder cancer is causing symptoms, such as pain from cancer that has spread to a bone, the doctor may recommend radiotherapy to his patient. This method works pretty to control symptoms caused by advanced bladder cancer.



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