How to Treat Advanced Colorectal Cancer?


How to treat advanced colorectal cancer?


Surgery is the major treatment for cancer in the colon and rectum. However, surgery is not a choice if the tumor spreads.
When it comes to advanced colorectal cancer, the best treatments are ones that travel through your bloodstream, such as chemotherapy. Some chemo medications work better together, so your doctor may prescribe a combination of them. While these medications fight cancer, they may also destroy healthy cells, though. They may cause side effects, for instance, hair loss and mouth sores. These problems usually disappear as your chemo stops.
Other types of cancer medications may help, too. Targeted treatments are medication that attack certain parts of cancer cells to prevent them from growing or booming. They usually lead to fewer side effects than chemo medications.
The best choice for you is up to where the disease has spread, the side effects you might suffer, your health condition.


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