How To Treat Atelectasis?

How to treat atelectasis?

The treatment of atelectasis depends on the place where the disease occurs and how severe it is. Atelectasis of small area of your lung may not need treatment at all. However, if it is caused by some underlying diseases, such as tumor, you may need surgery in time. Some possible treatments of atelectasis include:

Chest physiotherapy

  • Coughing.
  • Clapping on your chest over the collapsed area to loosen mucus. You can also use mechanical mucus-clearance devices, such as an air-pulse vibrator vest or a hand-held instrument.
  • Performing deep-breathing exercises and using a device to assist with deep coughing may be helpful.
  • Positioning your body so that your head is lower than your chest.
  • Supplemental oxygen can help relieve shortness of breath.

Surgical procedures

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