How to Treat Baldness?

How to treat baldness?

Some methods can be used to treat baldness:

Keeping a healthy diet
People can eat more food that is good for hair growth, for example, black sesame flour, polygonum multiflorum, melon, glutinous rice, and lily.

Drug treatment
Drug treatment is the most widely used method for treating hair loss currently, and drug treatment is much more convenient for friends who are treating hair loss.

Surgical treatment
Different people who get baldness may have different areas of hair loss. The number of hair follicles that need to be transplanted varies from person to person, and the cost of hair transplant also varies from person to person.

Keeping a good mental state
Hair loss is also related to people’s mental state. After getting the hair loss, people should not be in a panic, and should maintain normal mental state without being too nervous.


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