How to Treat Cardiomyopathy?


What’s the treatment for cardiomyopathy?


To prevent further heart muscle damage and loss of function in cardiomyopathy, prompt and proper treatment is necessary. The treatment of cardiomyopathy depends upon the specific cause and type of it. The purpose of the treatment should be maximizing cardiac output and maintaining ejection fraction.

In cardiomyopathy associated with electrical disturbance, the doctor may implant a heart pacemaker in the patient’s chest to support him with stable and coordinate electrical impulses.

If the patient is confronting the risk of sudden cardiac death, his doctor may recommend him to accept the implantation of a defibrillator. It can recognize ventricular fibrillation and deliver an electrical shock to draw the heart back to a regular, stable rhythm.

In some severe cases that medication, diet and surgeries can’t help, heart transplantation should be taken into consideration as a final choice.


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