How to Treat Hyperthyroidism?


How many treatments are there for hyperthyroidism?


Radioactive iodine.

Radioactive iodine treatment causes thyroid activity to slow significantly, causing the thyroid to be less active. This treatment is generally safe. It is an oral treatment which makes the gland shrink and signs of hyperthyroidism subside.

Anti-thyroid medications

Anti-thyroid medications can ease symptoms of hyperthyroidism by preventing the thyroid from secreting excessive volume of hormones. Propylthiouracil and methimazole (Tapazole) are two common drugs in this treatment. In some cases, the therapy helps patients get rid of the thyroid problem permanently, however, in other cases, recurrence occurs years after the first treatment. The drugs used in this treatment have some severe side effects, so both patients and doctors should pay attention to the dosage and influence of them.

Beta blockers

Beta blockers can’t directly reduce your thyroid levels, yet they are capable of slowing your fast heart rate and preventing palpitations. They can help in relieving symptoms of hyperthyroidism.


In most cases, hyperthyroidism can be treated and cured by medications, but if you are in a condition which makes anti-thyroid drugs and radioactive iodine therapy inaccessible, such as pregnancy, you may choose thyroid surgery called thyroidectomy. In a thyroidectomy, the doctor removes a small part or most of your thyroid gland according to the severity of your condition.


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