How to Treat Internal Hordeolum?

How to treat internal hordeolum?

Internal hordeolum is an acute suppurative inflammation of the meibomian gland or a secondary infection of the meibomian gland cyst.

Treatments for internal hordeolum are as follows:

  • Early local hot pack promotes infiltration and induration, or suppuration. Antibiotic eye drops and eye ointments are commonly used, for example, quinolones or oxofloxacin.
  • After applying the above measures for about 2 weeks, if there is still residual induration, the doctor may recommend surgical resection. The surgical incision for internal hordeolum is located on the conjunctival surface, which is perpendicular to the iliac crest, and usually does not require suturing.
  • For patients having stubborn recurrent episodes, pus culture can be done to find pathogeny. Combined with drug sensitivity results, the doctor may recommend selecting appropriate antibiotics for treatment, or doing transfer factor injection, 2mg each time, 2 times a week, and 5 weeks for a course of treatment.

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