How to Treat Metastatic Prostate Cancer?

If the prostate cancer has developed into the metastatic one, which treatment is the best?

For the metastatic prostate cancer, namely, the advanced prostate cancer, treatments often focus on slowing cancer cells spreading, consisting of two kinds.

  1. Hormone therapies.
    This is the standard treatment for metastatic prostate cancer. And the most used two drugs are:
    Abiraterone. It can reduce pain and improve your life quality with a combination with prednisone.
    It helps against the side effects from chemotherapy, including intense nausea and hair loss.
  2. Other treatment options.
    Mitoxantrone, docetaxel, paclitaxel, and estramustine are often used in this therapy.
    Immunotherapy. Colony stimulating factors, interferon, interleukin, and monoclonal antibodies are often used in this therapy.
    Medications to treat bone metastasis. Denosumab, xofigo, and zoledronic acid are often used in this therapy.

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