How to Treat Papular Mucinosis?

How to treat papular mucinosis?

Papular mucinosis is a rare skin disease. Papular mucinosis or lichen myxedematosus is localized and disseminated and scleromyxedema is generalized and confluent with sclerosis.

For now, there is no effective treatment for this disease. It has been reported that melphalan and cyclophosphamide can be used alone or in combination with prednisone to clear lesions.

The following treatment options may be helpful to relieve your symptoms:

  • topical, intralesional, and systemic glucocorticoids;
  • PUVA photochemotherapy;
  • retinoids;
  • plasmapheresis;
  • extracorporeal photochemotherapy;
  • dermabrasion;
  • melphalan;
  • granulocyte colony-stimulating factor;
  • cyclosporine;
  • interferon alfa.

For disseminated papular mucinosis which may cause disfigurement but is not life threatening, topical treatments can be tried but are usually fail.

In a word, the overall prognosis for the disease is poor.

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