How to Use a Rectal Thermometer?

How to use a rectal thermometer?

Here are some steps you should take:

  • Purchase a digital rectal thermometer – Make sure that the digital thermometer you buy is labeled for rectal use.
  • Be sure that your baby has not had a bath or been swaddled in the past 20 minutes – This can cause an inaccurate reading.
  • Clean the tip of the rectal thermometer with soapy water or rubbing alcohol – Don’t use the same thermometer you use in the rectum to take temperatures in other ways.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the tip of the thermometer – This can make it easier to insert.
  • Lay your baby on his back and insert the digital thermometer into the rectum – Insert it about ½ to 1 inch and do not force it in if there is resistance.

To learn more you should go to a medical professional.

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