If Silver Can Make You Blue Blood Nobility, To Be Or Not To Be?

Blue blood nobility came from Spain. Spain’s ancient nobles of Castile took skin color as the judgement of noble purity. Since Spain had been colonized by the Arab for nearly 800 years, making many descendants of the northern African moors, whose skin color is much deeper than that of native people. So people of Castile often proudly show others their fair arms and faint blue veins, for disowning the foreign blood lineage.

In fact, the blue blood vessels have nothing to do with pedigree, mostly due to silver poisoning caused by the heavy use of silverware. Excessive amounts of silver cannot be excreted to the outside of the body like other substances, only to accumulate day after day. As it piles up more and more, any tissue it touches will get dyed. Consequently, the blood vessels of blue blood nobles are likely to appear strangely blue.

(They are Spain’s blue blood nobility.)

When it comes to the silver (or Ag+ ), there is always a long story.

As early in the metal age, people had found the water in the silver vessels was cleaner than other containers. Besides, wine, vinegar and even fresh milk stored in the silverware can be kept fresh for a long time.

According to records in 4th century BC, Alexander, the Greek monarch, started his war of aggression in the east. Dysentery attacked the army during the journey, causing great casualties, directly stopping the east Levy.  While there was a strange thing there that the officers and ministers of the monarch are rarely infected. The reason is simple: soldiers used tin tableware while high manager’s tableware is silver.

In the early 19th century, silver ranks the best material to prevent bacterial infections. In 1884, Craig, a German obstetrician, applied 1% concentration of silver nitrate into the eyes of the newborn, for preventing the conjunctivitis of the newborn, eventually reducing infant’s blindness rate from 10% to 0.2%.

( This is Doctor Craig.)


In fact, the secret of silver sterilization lies in the silver ions it produces. Silver, which had been approved by the FDA as an absolutely non-toxic, natural antibacterial substance without side effects. However, it silenced in the wave of antibiotics, owing to its simplicity.

No secret formula means no profitable patent. But don’t worry, there is always a way to make money.

Colloidal nano-silver welcomed its day. This kind of health products is known as efficient sterilization products. With the FDA’s recognizing, more and more people began to take these products.

( Various kinds of colloidal nano-silver products in the market.)

The most famous case of silver health products addiction is Paul Carlsen, a man in the United States. Carlson once suffered from a serious skin disease. After several treatment failures, he finally pinned hopes on high-tech health care products. However, he ignored the differences between vitro sterilization and vivo sterilization.He did not know there could be a systemic silver poisoning like local skin discoloration when faced with silver within human environment. In this case, the blue color will spread, usually starting with the place contacting the sunshine. Gradually, the skin of the face, hands and chest will be completely bluish gray. At worst, the entire skin will turn blue, even the spleen and liver.

As the gum-silver boomed, the FDA panicked, warning that no colloidal silver product has been approved by new drugs and all over-the-counter nano-silver products are not considered safe and effective.

Later, the FDA banned nano-silver supplements in 1999. Researches later found that silver nanoparticles can be toxic to the lungs, nerves and skin. It can even penetrate the brain, enter the placenta, and interfere with sperm cells.

However, for Carlson, everything was late. He had taken colloidal nano-silver for up to 14 years, had long been a realistic version of the “Smurfs.” In 2013, Carlson died of pneumonia and stroke in the hospital, aged 62 years. Even as a “Smurf”, Carlson did not enjoy the “Smurfs” happy life.


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