I’m Only 20, but I Have High Blood Pressure. What Can I Do?

Q: I think all the life interests are lost because of hypertension. But I’m still not clear what high blood pressure is. It sounds like a chronic disease.

A: Don’t worry about it too much! Maintain a positive life attitude. I’m 25 now, and I was diagnosed high blood pressure at the age of 18, which is even 2 years earlier than you. I took high blood pressure medicine 6 years ago and I can stop it now! Actually, it is a typical kind of chronic disease happening to the elders the most. Doctors always say that it can not be cured. Moreover, people who have high blood pressure should take medicines for the rest of their life. But I don’t think so. For the younger, it is not too bad to know their own health condition as soon as possible.

However, I have to admit that there are a lot of shortcomings. You have to watch out your blood pressure at any time. For instance, your blood pressure will increase if you didn’t sleep well. Once your blood pressure becomes higher, it will be hard to fall into sleep while having dreams overnight. People always claim that exercising does good to lower blood pressure. In fact, I always feel fainted and dizzy when jogging. I must take a break often when paying the basketball.

At the time when I was diagnosed high blood pressure, I felt frustrated. The only thought in my mind is just that I have become too old to enjoy life. As you said, I lost a lot of interests, which is the truth. Bot time flies, I have already adapted to high blood pressure. I take it easy. I take one pills every morning and go to the doctor for check once a month. I think there is no difference between me and other healthy people.

The most important is that you have to get rid of unhealthy habits. Don’t always make yourself worried and anxious. I stopped the regular medicine since last year. Even my doctor was excited and surprised. So, don’t be too worried about it. There is hope of curing it.

A: I suggest you go to the hospital for standard treatment. If you are actually diagnosed hypertension, you should work out a plan with your cardiovascular doctor together to make sure it will not worsen than before. Do not give up.

A: I think you should figure out what causes your high blood pressure. Is that secondary type or essential type? It is abnormal to have high blood pressure at the age of 20. Some types of hypertension can be cured. In general, high blood pressure at the age of 20 is mostly essential hypertension. Getting right treatment is important. There are a lot of effective ways to control it.



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