iReadMore App Improves Reading Ability of Stroke Patients

Developed by the Aphasia Lab (UCL Institute of Neurology), iReadMore provides computer-based reading therapy using written and spoken words and pictures, and aims to improve word-reading speed and accuracy.

Stroke patients typically need around 100 hours of Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT), to see a marked improvement. The UCL app will enable patients to have limitless hours of SaLT and researchers aim to make it available for general use.

iReadMor contains a large number of ‘trained’ words, which are regularly repeated during the therapy. On average iReadMore training resulted in an 8.7% improvement in patients’ reading accuracy for trained words, with some individuals improving by as much as 25%.

Central alexia is the commonest type of acquired reading disorder in adults and is part of a generalised language disorder known as aphasia, which is most often caused by stroke. I

By making the iReadMore app publicly available, it means patients will be able to have therapy as often as they want, and gain steady improvements.

The application is intuitive and adaptive. The training gets harder for patients as reading improves, ensuring they have incremental improvements at a rate suitable for them.

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