Is A Sciatica Doctor A Sciatica Specialist?

Is a sciatica doctor a sciatica specialist?

A sciatica specialist is a medical doctor or complementary healthcare provider who focuses their attention and practice on treating patients stricken by the ravages of this epidemic radiculopathy syndrome.

Although specialists are accessible by referral from your general practitioner, they are typically not primary care doctors.

Following are some of the usual types of care providers who qualify as sciatica experts.

Medical Sciatica Specialist

Orthopedists and orthopedic surgeons
Experts in sciatica treatment are often orthopedists and orthopedic surgeons who have been trained in traditional medical science and will typically employ these methods when attempting to resolve the painful complaint. Remember, orthopedists are musculoskeletal experts, but sciatica is a nerve pain condition.

Neurologists are medical doctors who are truly ideally suited for diagnosing and treating sciatica syndromes. Neurologists and neurosurgeons are nerve pain experts and can best ascertain the source of true radicular and neuropathy issues stemming from the spine or elsewhere in the anatomy.

Physical therapists
Physical therapists are experts in many of the diagnose often associated with pseudo-sciatica, including sacroiliac joint dysfunction and piriformis syndrome.

Chiropractic Sciatica Specialist
Some chiropractors also specialize in treating radicular and pseudo-sciatica pain.
They will virtually always employ manual spinal manipulations, called adjustments, to treat back and leg pain.
Some chiropractors also rely on complementary therapies, such as exercise, reiki, massage or TENS treatments to provide a diversified approach to sciatica care.
Chiropractors are highly individualized in their methods and each one will perform different techniques for each specific sciatica condition.

Anyway, seek qualifies care for your sciatica and make sure your choice of doctors is objective and enlightened.

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