Is AFib Serious?

President Kim Jong Un‘s Family Health Concern

Undoubtedly, atria fibrillation patients who show severe symptoms should take it seriously, for it damages your heart, which is the center of organs, and may even threaten your life. The blood that remains in the atria can pool and create blood clots, which get spawned to the rest of the body. When a clot dwells in your brain, you will have a stroke. You won’t die from a stroke, but sometimes permanent disability is inevitable. Furthermore, AFib can overwork your heart, when the heart gets exhausted after a long time of stress, you may die from heart failure.

For people with subtle symptoms, they can’t ignore the importance of treatment. You may think it’s not serious now. But it’s only for now. If you don’t treat it carefully, you will put yourself in danger, for it will get worse as you age.


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President Kim Jong Un‘s Family Health Concern

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