Is Back Pain a Side Effect of Surgery for Cervical Cancer?


I had a hysterectomy to treat cervical cancer half a year ago. Now I’m having lower back pain. Is it a side effect of the surgery?


There are many reasons for lower back pain after hysterectomy. It does not necessarily mean that your surgery is not successful, for it may not be a result of the surgery. To make sure what the problem is, you should call your doctor.

Your lower back pain may be produced by adhesions related to your prior surgery. It could be a GI issue. Diverticulitis, which refers to inflammation of one or more diverticula, especially of the colon, is possibly responsible for the pain. A urinary tract infection caused by careless health care after the surgery may be another reason. It is not a rare case. Besides urinary tract infections, many other urinary issues can also cause lower back pain.

To find the specific cause of your lower back pain, you should see your doctor before it becomes worse. The doctor will tell you whether it needs treating, and if yes, how to treat it.


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