Is Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network the Best Website on Bladder Cancer?

Q: My grandmother was found to have bladder cancer last week. I’m not familiar with this disease, but I want to help her. Can I learn about the cancer on the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network? Is it the best website on bladder cancer?

A: The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) at is one of the best websites about bladder cancer. Since its foundation in May 2005, BCAN has been serving as a nonprofit organization for bladder cancer researchers and patients. It is the first US national advocacy organization devoted to enhancing public awareness about the disease.

BCAN is rich in bladder cancer resources. It offers educational services, fundamental information on diagnosis and treatment. Both professional researchers and patients and their families can benefit from it. It is a medical community that contributes a lot to the development of bladder cancer treatment.

There are other websites on which you can search information about bladder cancer, such as the American Bladder Cancer Society, the Bladder Cancer Canada, and the USA Government’s National Cancer Institute. They all provide extensive information on bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment. On some of them, users can communicate with one another and share their experience about the illness.

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