Is Blepharitis Chronic?


Is blepharitis chronic?


Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid margins that may be acute or chronic.

And there are some features of chronic blepharitis.


Chronic blepharitis is noninfectious inflammation of unknown cause.

Symptoms and signs:

Most patients with chronic blepharitis have experienced

  • foreign body sensation,
  • grittiness,
  • eye strain and fatigue,
  • blurring with prolonged visual effort.


  • tear supplements during the day,
  • bland ointments at night,
  • punctal plugs, if necessary, are effective in most patients,
  • warm compresses and occasionally eyelid massage,
  • gentle cleansing of the eyelid margin 2 times a day with a cotton swab dipped in a dilute solution of baby shampoo.

In some cases, a tetracycline may also be effective

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