Is Cardiomyopathy Hereditary?


My grandfather passed away because of cardiomyopathy. Is this a hereditary disease?


Not all types of cardiomyopathy are caused by genetic factors. But familial dilated cardiomyopathy, a form of DCM, is a genetic heart disease. In other word, it is a hereditary illness.

Familial dilated cardiomyopathy occurs when cardiac muscle becomes thin and weak, leading to the dilation of the heart. Therefore, the heart can’t pump blood as effectively as it used to. The body is aware of the problem, so the heart tries to increase the volume of blood being pumped through itself, causing further thinning and weakening of the heart muscle. It’s like a vicious circle. As the condition develops, the patient gradually shows symptoms of heart failure.

In familial cardiomyopathy, it often takes years for signs to cause health problems. Patients have been carrying the gene since their birth, but usually symptoms do not appear until they reach their teens and adulthood. The severity of the disease varies among all the cases. It can be different even among members in the same family.


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