Is Chest Pain a Symptom of Congenital Heart Disease?

Q: My chest often pains when I wake up in the morning. I’m worried that I may have heart disease, because my father died from it when he was 33. I’m 20 now. I want to know if I have congenital heart disease.

A: Generally speaking, symptoms of congenital heart disease are pretty obvious in the patient’s childhood, such as cyanosis of lips, dysplasia and breathlessness. In a serious condition without treatment, it’s almost impossible for the person to live to his adulthood. While in other cases, the patient may die in peace without finding that he had congenital heart disease throughout his long life. You are 20 years old, even though you have congenital heart disease, it won’t be a serious one.

However, since your father died of heart disease, which type you didn’t mention, it’s possible that you have a family history of certain problem. You’ve had feeling of chest pain, you should have a medical check-up right away.


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