Is Eyelid Scrub Helpful To Blepharitis Treatment?

Is eyelid scrub helpful to blepharitis treatment?

The answer is YES!


  • Eyelid scrubs help to mechanically remove whatever debris that is left behind.
  • It also helps to reduce or eliminate bacteria living on the eyelid.


Here are some steps to do eyelid scrubs:

  • Find a piece of mirror
  • Use diluting baby shampoo with warm water (or a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in a cup of water
  • Dip a cotton bud into the solution and squeeze out the excess
  • Gently rub the cotton bud along the eyelid margin to brush off any debris (crusts) on your eyelids. Don’t forget to close your eye.
  • Replace the cotton bud with a new one if it gets filled with crusts.
  • Do this routine of warm eyelid scrub for at least 2 times daily. 4 times daily better.
  • Repeat until all debris are removed and be careful not to scratch your eye.
  • Continue doing it even after the symptoms subside to reduce risk of blepharitis recurring.

It is more convenient but pricier to buy pre-medicated eyelid scrubs from opticians and eye doctors.

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