Is Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease Contagious?

Q: My 9-year-old son gets hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Should I separate his little sister from him? Is it a contagious disease?

A: You must understand that hand-foot-and-mouth disease is contagious. So yes, you should separate you daughter from your son until he gets completely well.

HFMD is caused by a virus, which can stay in the patient’s body for days and even weeks after the symptoms are gone. So others may be infected by the same virus from him even though he seems entirely healthy. It spreads through spit and poop.

Not onlyshould you separate you daughter from your son, but also your families and you yourself should be careful to avoid infection. Children are the main group who easily get infected with the disease, but they are not the only one. There are many similar cases in which almost all the families get caught by the virus after a child in the family has HFMD.

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