Is High Blood Pressure a Kind of Fatal Disease?

Q: My doctor said I had high blood pressure. May I ask if high blood pressure is a fatal disease? How can I treat it?

A1: Hypertension is a long-term, chronic disease. There are a variety of reasons causing hypertension, including Psychological, physiological, and social factors. General mood changes can affect blood pressure, but in general, it will not result in high blood pressure. We suggest you pay attention to your daily diet, especially low-salt. You should limit the intake of fat to control your weight.

A2:To lower high blood pressure, you should take medication on time and change your life habits.

1.    losw weight and control weight

2.    lower the intake of salt

3.    Add calcium and potassium salts

4.    Reduce fat intake

5.    Keep moving

6.    Quit smoking and restricted drinking

7.    Relieves mental stress and maintain psychological balance


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