Is Hobo Spider Bite Poisonous?

Is hobo spider bite poisonous?

Although hobo spiders are also known as the aggressive house spiders, they are not aggressive at all. They will not bite people unless they are defending their egg-sacs.

Hobo spider bites are less poisonous because their venoms contain less poison and are not enough to kill a rabbit. But serious hobo spider bites can cause necrotizing lesions, too.

Some first aid measures for hobo spider bites:

  • Gently wash the bite area with mild soap and water.
  • Elevate the bite area if it is in the arm or leg to minimize the swelling.
  • Put a cool cloth or ice on the bite area to prevent the spread of the venom.
  • Apply antibiotic cream to the bite area to reduce pain.
  • Use acetaminophen to reduce pain and swelling.

If your situation is serious, you need contact your doctor immediately.

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