Is Iron in Spinach the Same As Iron in Iron Deficiency Anemia ?

This is a good question.

Firstly, nutritional anemia includes iron deficiency anemia which results from iron deficiency and megaloblastic anemia , a disorder mainly out of lack of folic acid and vitamin B12. In other words, anemia is not necessarily iron deficiency.

The second, the iron we expect to improve the Iron Deficiency Anemia, comes in two ways actually.

One is non-heme iron, mainly in plant foods,turning out a low absorption rate affected by oxalic acid, phytic acid, dietary fiber and other factors. Consequently, iron in plants are not the best iron supplement for iron deficiency anemia.

The other is heme iron, more in poultry and  liver. This kind of iron not only comes in high levels, but also show a higher absorption rate.

As a result, it’s totally clear that iron in spinach is non-heme iron, the not easily absorbed one. So if you are looking for the best food for IDA, there are many other better choices than the spinach.

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