Is It Necessary for Me to Check My Eyes with Only One Year Type 2 Diabetic History?


My friends asked me to exam my eyes for several times last month. I know they care about me. But I only have the diabetes, type 2 for almost one year. Is it necessary? The complications cannot happen in the first year, right?



I think, you should take an eye exam as soon as possible if you are not that busy.

A few days ago, I met a 40-year-old female patient in the clinic. (Yes, I am doctor.) She said she had suffered from the decreased visual acuity for nearly 3 months, and the problem got more and more worse.

I asked about her general information: a history of diabetes for six months, treatment for six months by oral medication, fasting blood glucose from 7 to 9, no ophthalmic examination.

Then I arranged a few of the most basic examination for her eyes and it turned out to be diabetic retinopathy with retinal hemorrhage and exudation.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most serious complication of diabetes mellitus.

Therefore, for patients with diabetes, at the beginning of the diagnosis, they should go to the eye clinic to rule out check diabetic retinopathy, and regularly reexam every six months or one year is recommended.


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