Is My Lifestyle Relative to the Relief of Tinnitus?

Is my lifestyle relative to the relief of tinnitus?

It can be difficult to cure tinnitus. However, some adjustments of your lifestyle can improve your symptoms.

Here are some advices:

  • Add soothing sounds to silence so as to cover up the noise.
    When it is quiet, the noise from tinnitus can be more obvious. Turning on a fan, for example, can help mask the tinnitus.
  • Learn what contributes to your tinnitus and try to avoid the irritants.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption and quit smoking.
    A better blood vessel condition is better for your health.
  • Plan time to relax and release your stress.
    Anxiety and unnecessary worry can worsen the symptoms. Yoga, meditation, and Tai-chi are  worth a try.

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