Is There Any Survival of Multiple Myeloma?

Is there any survival of multiple myeloma?

Thanks to  researches of multiple myeloma, people with multiple myeloma are likely to lead a longer life than before. If a person with multiple myeloma which is not too serious recieves timely and effective treatment, there is great possibility that he or she may live longer than ten years. For example, Thomas Goode, a patient who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma at age 34, has been living with the disease for over 12 years.

Bear in mind all the time that there are many people across the world who are fighting with multiple myeloma every day. To strengthen your determination  and get more encouragement, joining a support group is a good choice. You can find the support group suitable for you on the website of Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Here is the website:

Good treatment is always the first thing that can make multiple myeloma live longer.

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