Is There Any Connection Between Pressure and Heart Disease?

Q: My heartbeat becomes very fast sometimes. It occurs about three times a month and each time it lasts for around two minutes. Will I have heart disease? My job is very busy and I’m under much pressure recently. Is there any relationship between pressure and heart disease?

A: Cardiologists from DeBakey Center Cardiology in Houston Methodist believe that there is a risk of inflammation if left unattended over long periods of stressful work. It is a risk factor that can lead to heart disease and it can make the condition of people who are with heart disease worse.

Dr. William A. Zoghbi said that from the traditional perspective, stress did not cause heart disease directly. But recent studies show that stress can cause inflammation that affect the delivery of blood to the body, including the heart and brain. Therefore, it can lead to heart attack, stroke and other health problems. If the patient is with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, chronic stress may have a harmful effect on the heart.

You need to relieve yourself from too much pressure. It’s necessary to find the right way of relax in your busy life. The hormones released by the sympathetic nervous system increase because of tension and they raise your heart rate and blood pressure. So you should spend at least 30 minutes a day relaxing yourself. There are many ways to relieve yourself from stress, such as going for a walk, playing with your child, meditating and exercising. Or you could just stay alone and read a book, enjoying yourself completely in your own world.


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