Is There Any Tip for Gallstone Pain Relief?

Is there any tip for gallstone pain relief?

The good news is that there are many things you may try to ease gallstones pain. This short article will show you some of the methods.

Here are some methods:

  • Use a pain reliever. Medicines like acetaminophen can help ease the pain very quickly. Pain relievers with anti-inflammatory properties are the best choice. It can relieve your pain while reducing your chances of having gallbladder inflammation.
  • Try a heating pad. Apply a heating pad to your stomach. By doing so, you can soothe the pain. You’d better keep a cloth between your skin and the heating pad to prevent burns.
  • Drink vegetable juice. This hasn’t been proven to be effective. The way to do it is to mix carrot juice, beet juice, and cucumber juice in equal proportions. Drink such combination twice a day for two consecutive weeks. But consult your doctor before you try it.


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