Known environmental causes of sarcoidosis

A study in 2012 gave examples of known environmental causes of sarcoidosis and sarcoidosis-like illness:

Disease Examples or industry or
Known or suspected agent Evidence
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis Agriculture, metalworking, lifeguards, bird handlers, others Fungal antigens, bacterial antigens, including mycobacterial antigens Epidemiologic, clinical, immunologic, microbiologic, animal models
Chronic beryllium disease Defense industries, electronics, alloy manufacture Beryllium Epidemiologic, clinical, immunologic
Granulomatous lung disease Mining, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation Aluminum, barium, cobalt, copper, gold, rare earth metals, titanium, zirconium Epidemiologic, clinical, immunologic
Nanoparticle-related granulomas, pleural and pulmonary fibrosis Manufacturing silica nanoparticles, carbon nanoparticles Clinical, immunologic, animal models
Silicosis Mining, construction Silicates, talc Epidemiologic, clinical, immunologic
Psittacosis Bird handling Bird protein antigens, bacterial antigens Epidemiologic, clinical, microbiologic
Sarcoidosis-like illness World Trade Center emergency response and clean up World Trade Center dust (inorganic dust) Epidemiologic
Sarcoidosis Agriculture Mold, bacteria, silicates Epidemiologic
Wood burning Silicates Epidemiologic
Mining Silicates Epidemiologic
Transportation Metal dust, inorganic particulate Epidemiologic
Metal industries Metal dust, metalworking fluid aerosols Epidemiologic
Firefighting, emergency response Inorganic dust, fumes Epidemiologic
Construction Inorganic dust Epidemiologic
Office work (indoor air) Mold, bacteria, other microbial contaminants Epidemiologic

In Apr 2018,a study has shown exposure to chromium may induce skin sarcoid granuloma in sensitized individuals.


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