Low Energy Diet Wins Calories Restricted Diet


A research led by the University of Leeds stated that taking low energy density foods limits the desire to eat much more than calories-restricted diet does. 

Low energy density food means foods containing more water, protein and fiber, like vegetables, lean meat and rice. These foods are in bigger portion sizes comparing with higher energy density foods, therefore which are more likely to make people feel full. People taking low energy density food consumes less calories a day than people who tries to control the calories intake. As the study found, those eating low energy density meals were on average consuming around 1,000 fewer calories a day.

The research was published in the Journal of Nutrition.

The truth is that a lot of people give up on diets because they feel hungry between meals. The strength of low energy density foods make people feel full and not hungry. When people take 20g chocolate they have 100 calories intake, however, people can eat up to 250g carrots to reach the 100 calories intake. Which one will make you feel full? Of course the carrots will.

Psychologist Dr. Nicola Buckland, the lead author, said: “The findings show that a commercial program based on low energy density foods helped people to feel more in control of their food choices, and that more than likely made the process of losing weight more effective.




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