Most Affordable Hearing Aid—Where to Find It?

In general, there are five major types of the digital hearing aids. According to a research conducted among 131,000 subscribers by the Consumer Report, the most popular one is the mini-behind-the-ear types, gaining 62% support.

Here are the most affordable five hearing aids for your information:

Type Picture Advantage Drawback
Mini-Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid (mBTE)   comfortable and barely visible, with no feeling of plugged-up. Don’t allow for significant amplification, especially in the low frequencies.


Traditional Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid (BTE)


  great amplification, making it good for voices from low to high frequencies; especially suitable for those with severe hearing loss. custom molds are visible; vulnerable to sweat; may cause a plugged-up feeling.
Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid (CIC)   well fits into your ears and low visibility; less sensitive to wind noise. a strong feeling of plugged-up; vulnerable to wax and moisture buildup; short battery life.


In-the-Canal Hearing Aid (IIC)   barely visible; less of a plugged-up feeling; Discomfort; vulnerable to earwax and moisture; short life battery.
Traditional In-the-Ear Hearing Aid (ITE)


  relatively easy to insert; less of a plugged-up feeling; with telecoil, directional microphone, and wireless streaming features. more visible; telecoil may not be powerful


In a word, you can choose the most suitable type according to your preferences and the price of them vary from models to models. Also, you can consult your otologist for a better purchasing.


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