Must Bladder Cancer Cause Bleeding?


My father was diagnosed with bladder tumor. His biopsy is under examination, so we haven’t known whether it’s a benign or a malignant tumor. My father never saw blood in his urine. Must bladder cancer cause bleeding?


Blood in urine (hematuria) is the characteristic symptom that typically leads to the diagnosis of bladder cancer. About 90% of people with bladder cancer have blood or blood clots in their pee. In some cases, it can be observed through naked eyes by the color of the urine, which may be pink, red and rusty. In other cases, the blood can only be seen with a microscope, because its percentage in urine is too small.

Though most people with bladder cancer show the sign of blood in urine, a few patients don’t. It illustrates that bladder cancer does not necessarily cause bleeding. After all, a common and typical symptom is not bound to be a necessary one.

As for your father, there might two possible cases. In one case, he has blood in his urine but he can’t see it due to its small amount. In the other, he just does not have the symptom.


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