My Dad Has Diabetes and He Says it's No Probem to Drink Alcohol. Is That True?


My dad has diabetes and he says it’s no problem to drink alcohol. Is that true?


Alcohol is mostly harmful for people with diabetes.

First, alcohol lower the sugar levels after an initial spike in those levels. Your dad may have no idea that his levels are low because the symptoms of low blood sugar and being tipsy are quite the same.

Second, it’s very dangerous to drink alcohol and at the same time takes glucose-lowering drugs because the levels of diabetes patients may decrease too sharply.

Third, some diabetes complications, such as nerve and kidney disease, may be worsened by heavy alcohol.

Ask your dad to consult his diabetes educator to get professional suggestions about alcohol. Make sure he drinks only if his blood sugar levels are under control and only at meals. For fear that people mistake his low blood sugar symptoms for drunkenness, make sure he wears an card clarifying his diabetes.



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