Mycoplasma Test – Normal Range

The normal values for mycoplasma urine are >100kU/l, and this range is unisex for all age groups.

Since this is not a blood test but a test on the urine sample of the test taker, it will not require the general preparation like fasting. The person appearing for the test is permitted to eat anything without any restriction.

However, if the test taker is on any other medication, or has any underlying medical problems or any relevant history, it is advisable for the person to inform his doctor or healthcare provider before the test.

The doctor or concerned person will then decide the further course of action. With DNA testing for M. pneumoniae, if the mycoplasma is present in the sample, then the person may have M. pneumoniae or may be colonized by the organism.

If it is not detected, then the person may not have a M. pneumoniae infection or the microbe was present in numbers too low to be detected.

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