Pasta Lowers Your Weight

According to a study recently published in BMJ Open magazine, researchers from Canada found that eating low-glycemic index (low GI) foods such as pasta not only does not increase body weight, but also has a modest weight loss effect compared with high-glycemic index (high GI) foods.

This is a systematic review and meta-analysis study that included a total of 32 indicators, 3 weeks follow-up and it involved 2,448 adults.

The analysis showed that compared with the high GI diet, eating pasta in the low-GI diet mode had a weight-reducing effect, with subjects weighing down 0.63 kg and body mass index (BMI) falling by 0.26 kg/m2. Moreover, this benefit was observed in subjects with different metabolic phenotypes (overweight, obese or accompanied by diabetes, etc.).

The researchers concluded that, compared with high-GI diet, eating pasta with a low GI diet not only had no adverse effects on body weight, but even helped to reduce body weight and body mass index.

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