Pneumonia Vaccine - PCV13 or PCV7?

PCV7 was the first pneumococcal conjugate vaccine licensed by US FDA in 2000. PCV7 was also named Prevnar®.  PCV7 protects against 7 types of pneumococcal. Since 2000, PCV7 became in routine use in children. Researches show it protects 90% children from invasive pneumonia caused by the 7 vaccine serotypes. The children who accepted the vaccine also had fewer ear infections. 

In 2010, FDA licensed PCV13, also named  Prevnar 13® which covers the serotypes that our of PCV7’s coverage.  Studies show PCV13 causes the body’s immune system to create antibodies, which help fight the pneumococcal bacteria, similar to PCV7. Studies show that PCV13 protects 80% children from invasive pneumonia caused by vaccine serotypes. 

In 2011, FDA licensed PCV13 being used in adults 50+ age group. Studies show that PCV13 prevents 75% from invasive pneumonia from vaccine serotypes. 

Currently, FDA licensed 2 pneumococcal vaccines in United States, PCV13 and PPSV23. PCV7 is replaced by PCV13 completely. 



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