Semen Analysis – Normal Value

The normal values for semen analysis are various, and this range is only for all age male groups.

  • 1.5 ml
  • > 40 million sperms
  • Motility is 40% or more
  • Sperm Concentration is 15,000,000/ml or more

Semen analysis is used for evaluating the fertility issues in depth. The fertility of semen in based on the 50% of sperms present in the sample and if 50% of sperms or more shows same behavior then the result is calculated.

If 50% of sperms in semen have normal shape, then the result is considered to be fertile else there can be fertility issues. The scale of movement of sperms is calculated from 0-5 in the simulated environment.

If the score is 0, then there is no sperm movement. If the score is from 3-4, then it is considered as good movement. If the volume of sperms in the sample is less than 20 million, then it can lead to fertility issue.

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